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can be sent to your friends or family to let them know you are thinking of them. Start sending some of these

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4th of July Comments

4th of July comments and 4th of July graphics that you can use to show your patriotism.

  • 4th of July Comments
  • 4th of July Comments
  • Patriotic Comments

Anniversary Comments

Anniversary comments are a nice way of sending love to your siginicant other and celebrating your time together. MySpace anniversary comments and happy anniversary comments can also be sent to friends or loved ones to let them know you remembered their special occasion.

  • Anniversary Comments
  • Happy Anniversary Comments
  • Wedding Anniversary Comments

Baby Comments

Baby Comments are a great way to congratulate new parents. We have a great selection of MySpace baby comments and comments for baby for you to choose from.

  • Comments for Baby
  • Cute Comments
  • Baby Comments

Birthday Comments

Birthday Comments are a great way to wish someone a happy birthday. Use our happy birthday comments or MySpace birthday comments to send someone a birthday wish.

  • Happy Birthday Comments
  • Cute Comments
  • Birthday Comments

Christmas Comments

It's that time of year again! Warm someone's heart with a Christmas comment. Our MySpace Christmas comments and Merry Christmas comments are sure to brighten up someone's hoilday.

  • Merry Christmas Comments
  • Glitter Comments
  • Christmas Comments

Day Comments

There are seven days in a week and we've got a Day Comment for every single one. Why not send someone hump day comments or any one of our MySpace day of the week comments.

  • Day of the Week Comments
  • MySpace Comments
  • Day Comments

Easter Greetings

It's time to send out those Easter greetings. This year send someone one of our Easter Comments or MySpace Easter Comments to celebrate this special time of year.

  • Happy Easter Comments
  • Seasonal Comments
  • Easter Comments

Funny Comments

Make someone LoL with one of our funny comments. We have plenty of MySpace funny comments and funny picture comments to choose from.

  • MySpace Funny Comments
  • Humerous Comments
  • Funny Comments

Halloween Comments

Halloween is a spooky time of year and our Halloween comments are no exception! Scare someone with a MySpace Halloween comment or share one of our Happy Halloween comments with friends.

  • Halloween Comments
  • MySpace Halloween Comments
  • Happy Halloween Comments

Love Comments

Love is a burning thing, and so are our Love Comments. You can use these MySpace love comments and I love you comments on your favorite social network or blog.

  • MySpace Love Comments
  • I Love You Comments
  • Love Comments

New Year Comments

Another year has gone by, so celebrate with one of our New Year comments. Send a friend or special someone one of our MySpace New Years comments.

  • MySpace New Years Comments
  • Happy New Years Comments
  • New Years Comments

Sexy Comments

Think one of your friends is hot? Send them one of our Sexy Comments! MySpace Sexy Comments and You're Sexy Comments can be used on any social network or blog.

Showing Love Comments

Anytime is a good time to send one of our Showing Love comments. While you're visiting a friend's page, why not send a Hi comment or Stopping By comment to let them know you were there.

  • Hi Comments
  • Showing Love Comments
  • Stopping By Comments

Summer Comments

Summer Comments are a great way to wish your friends a happy summer break. We also have Summer Quotes or Quotes About Summer for you to share!

  • Summer Comments
  • Summer Quotes
  • Quotes About Summer

Thank You Comments

Whether someone added you or just complimented your page, share your gratitude with one of our thank you comments or thanks for the add comments. MySpace thanks for the add comments can also be used on other social networking sites or blogs.

  • MySpace Thanks for the Add Comments
  • Thanks for the Add Comments
  • Thanks Comments

Thanks for the Comments

Your friends comment you all the time, so tell them thanks for the comments. Say thank you for the comments with a thanks for the comments comment. Now say that ten times fast!

  • Thanks Comments
  • Thanks for the Comment Comments
  • Thank You Comments

MySpace Thanksgiving Comments

It's turkey day, so send your friends and family one of our MySpace Thanksgiving comments. We've got plenty of Thanksgiving greetings and Thanksgiving comments for you to choose from.

  • MySpace Comments
  • Happy Thanksgiving Comments
  • Thanksgiving Comments

Valentine's Day Comments

Cupid is back! We've got plenty of Valentine's Day comments and Valentine's Day graphics for you to send to the special person in your life. Our MySpace Valentine's Day comments can be used on any social network site or blog.

  • Cute Valentine's Day Comments
  • Valentine's Day Graphics
  • Valentine's Day Comments

Wedding Comments

Send one of our Wedding Comments to the newlyweds in your life. Our MySpace Wedding Comments and Engagement Comments are sure to put a smile on their faces.

  • MySpace Wedding Comments
  • Engagement Comments
  • Wedding Comments

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